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Centro Maya Xela is a language school that teaches Spanish and Mayan languages to foreign students throughout the world in a professional and effective method using Skype technology and at our school in Xela. We are experienced teachers and we are committed to make learning Spanish fast, fun and with cultural exchange. Our non-profit school is dedicated to our university scholarship program for the indigenous women of Guatemala.

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Our commitment to excellence. We are trained professionals dedicated to teaching Spanish in an affordable and effective way to foreigners using Skype technology and from our campus in Xela, Guatemala.

Our commitment to achievement. Our priority is to help our foreign students achieve their language goals.

Our commitment to cultural exchange. We want to hear about life in your country and we will share the beauty of our indigenous life here in Guatemala. Cultural exchange is an important component of our teaching program.

Our commitment to service. We are creative in our approach to teaching. Each student is different and each will be evaluated to develop an individualized study program.

Our commitment to use our many years of experience. Our experienced teachers know the importance of making the language learning process as easy and fun as possible.

Our commitment to flexibility. We offer flexibility in our school. We are here when you need us, and we are happy to work around your busy schedule.

Our commitment to offer value. Learning a foreign language is a process that can be costly. We believe that value consists of more than just price. It represents results at an affordable price.

Our commitment to communication. Our clear communication to you is a key and an important factor of our program.

Our commitment to respect and cultural diversity. We treat our teachers with respect and pay them fairly. They also understand the importance and beauty of cultures different from our own.

About Quetzaltenango

Centro Maya Xela is not just another online language school, but a real one located in Xela. Learn more about Quetzaltenango in Guatemala, our homeland.

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Centro Maya Xela is much more than a language school; it is a cultural education, a family, and a fiesta! I have had so much fun on field trips (practicing very practical Spanish), and making lasting friendships with the teacher, the host families, and with the young women who are supported by the school. I also appreciate the flexibility to volunteer in the community at the same time. The best way to learn Spanish!

Dianne, Seattle WA

Learning Spanish enriches our knowledge

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